Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Two New Healthy Cookbooks

Payday week brings a whole host of treat yo'self moments.

In my case, these moments have included raiding Holland and Barrett, stocking up on goodies from MyProtein (come at me, kilo of almond butter) and buying some new healthy living cookbooks to add to my already crammed kitchen shelf (I don't know what it is about September, but I just want to curl up with good cookbook and plan how I'm going to eat my way through Autumn and Winter. #girlgains indeed).

My Hemsley Hemsley, Madeleine Shaw, Deliciously Ella and Amelia Freer books are looking well-thumbed and heavily bookmarked from being referred to for pretty much every meal over the last year or so, and although I love them to bits, sometimes you've got to switch things up.
So, the other day, I ordered a couple of new tomes which I'm sure will become firm food favourites.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist #2 | Portable Wellbeing

These days I find myself out the house for nearly 12 hours a day, so making sure I can keep my general wellbeing shipshape, can get a bit challenging. 

With this in mind, I’ve entered a whole new world of portable wellbeing products - stuff that’s easy and lightweight to carry around that will keep me on track with my healthy lifestyle when I’m out and about.

Here's what's on the wishlist, and what will be filling my online shopping basket this payday.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

A healthy balance

Eating the right things 100% of the time is hard work. I don't think anyone, even the most seemingly healthy wellbeing guru, can say their diet is spot on all of the time - life just doesn't work like that and a little bit of what you fancy does you good after all.

We're at a point where there is such a wealth of information on the right things to eat, all fronted by an awesome squad of healthy living babes advocating avocados and telling us to just buy the god damn spiralizer - courgetti can be better than spaghetti (not quite the same but does a low-carb job).

There are some awesome recipes and top tips out there but like with anything when it becomes over-saturated, there is always going to be a flip-side to the movement.

In this case, two Instagram accounts are providing some serious LOLs in reaction to us all going gluten, dairy, grain and everything-free. And their overarching message couldn't be anymore bang on - it's all about balance and not taking ourselves too seriously when it comes to wellbeing.

With a tag line of Have your cake and eat hers too, the first time I clicked onto this stream, I knew I was onto a winner. Packed with utter babes tucking in to pizza, doughnuts, pastries in all forms, shapes and sizes, this feed proclaims gluten isn't in the enemy (unless you have a food intolerance - not trying to pressurise coeliacs into eating something they can't) and even has celebs like Diane Kruger chowing down on a bowl of pasta.

Go on, treat yo'self.

Ho, ho, ho. This girl makes me chuckle.  Fronted by comedian Bella Younger, @deliciouslystella is frickin' hilarious. She's basically Deliciously Ella's gluten-gorging, blue WKD-swilling evil twin. The captions are gold; written in a way you'd expect from a wellbeing Insta-celeb, but with an unhealthy living slant.

There's too many good'uns to mention, so get yourself over to her feed to check them out.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Post-Race Recovery Wonder

So I did it! On Sunday, I ran the truly mazing Great North Run and somehow managed to get a new GNR personal best of 1 hour 59 minutes 46 seconds. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I managed it. I felt really low on energy the whole way through; I stopped five times which is very unlike me during a race. And that heat though. That was a scorcher. I have the sunburn to prove it. Ouch. 

I really wasn’t expecting to get under the 2-hour mark, so a celebratory and well-deserved pizza was on the cards for tea last night to help restore those energy levels (if you can’t be a serious #girlswithgluten contender after a half marathon, when can you?)

To help my legs recover last night, I used a product I’ve been loving recently to help with the aches and pains after intense workouts. Right before I crawled into bed last night, I lathered my legs in magnesium oil spray and y’know what? No stiff legs for me this morning. It's seriously a miracle worker. I highly recommend the Better You range, especially the Goodnight Spray which has essential oils in the mix to help you drift off.

Did you run the Great North Run? Have you ever tried magnesium oil spray to help with muscle recovery?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

What's In My Bag | Great North Run Edition

I know I’m not alone in my love for What’s in my bag? blog posts and videos, so thought I’d do my spin on it this weekend.

Today, I’m running the Great North Run, the world’s biggest half marathon so thought I’d share all the kit I’ll be taking with me to help me conquer 13.1 miles. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist #1 | Homeware

A new thing here on AMB. What I’m currently coveting from the worlds of wellbeing, beauty, interiors, fashion and everything in between.

This week, it’s all about doing some serious purchasing for the home. We’ve been in our flat over 3 years now and are in desperate need of some updates. That whole back-to-school mentality hasn’t just got me craving a fierce new Autumn wardrobe but a new look in our flat too - like the complete opposite of a Spring clean haha.

One thing we’ve already purchased is a stellar new rug for the lounge which we can’t wait to arrive (we searched high and low for the perfect grey rug, and La Redoute came good - who knew they did homeware?)

Here’s what else is on the wish list to spruce things up:

1. Copper Photo Frame from Posh Totty Designs (also loving their Copper Hexagonal Mirror, pleeease come back into stock!)
2. Metal Framed Mirror from West Elm. Many heart-eyed emojis for this beaut
3. Gold-toned Hangers from Zara Home
4. Braided Storage Baskets from H&M Home 
5. Yet another copper mirror (vain much?) from the always gorgeous Rockett St. George

Definitely having a copper love-in at the moment accessory-wise. And who says you can’t have chic clothes hangers? Those Zara versions maybe a bit pricey are a damn sight better that their plastic counterpart and will actually keep some shape to your clothes.

Are you sprucing up or switching up your home look? Having a major copper moment like me? Hit me up with items you're loving. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

RESET | A weekend in the Lake District

How amazing it feels to be free.

This weekend, J and I headed to the beautiful Lake District for some time away from it all. Life hasn’t stopped in the past few months and we were in desperate need of some time away to reset and recharge. 

As we aren’t going on holiday anywhere this year (saving for our big day next year), we booked up to stay at the hugely picturesque Quiet Site for a couple of nights to completely unwind and switch off.
We’ve got an ace new tent which hooks onto the side of our VW Transporter so our nights were spent under the stars and the sheer silence of being in the countryside was truly amazing - I slept the best that I have done for ages.

On Saturday, we headed out on a 8-mile hike up to Aira Force waterfall armed with some goodies to keep us going. The hike took us up to a phenomenal view of Ullswater. I don’t know if I can quite put into words how breathtaking it was.
Even though it was a super short break, I feel ready to tackle this week head on and blast my way through next Sunday’s Great North Run - wish me luck.

How do you recharge when things get overwhelming? Where are you favourite places to visit in the glorious Lake District? 

Friday, 4 September 2015

September Goals

Srsly - where did August go. It feels like I started my new job seconds ago and now I'm into my fifth week already. Total madness.

September is a big month, so with that comes some big ol' goals. Here's what's on the agenda this month.

Complete the Great North Run
Usually I'd be saying "Complete the GNR in X time" but I've got to say, I've been a bit injured so that PB is looking a bit unlikely. Instead I'm just going to go and run. Enjoy the day, the crowds and the route and not beat myself up if I don't get a certain time. Sometimes you've got to take a step back and just do your best.

Get wedding shit done
It's now only 10 months until me and J get hitched, and I have a to-do list as long as my arm. Fellow brides; you hear me? It's big business organising a wedding, especially when you're handpicking your suppliers for the best day ever. Although I have had some moments in the past few weeks, I know it's all going to be worth it. Save the Dates are in the post, the dress has been bought and now it's a matter of getting super organised. Check out my Pinterest board for a flavour of what's been racing through my head for our big day. And I've already got my eye on this bad lad from Alphabet Bags - #brandbride

Book a spa day
I love a good spa day. Mum and I usually head to the beautiful Headlam Hall for our spa days and I'm adamant to get the next one booked in. I have a knotty back, goddamn it. I always see these days as a good recharge session, and as me and J aren't going away for a long stint this year (apart from camping in the Lakes this weekend, hurrah!), a spa day will be the perfect little get away to ease though no-holiday blues.

Take some me time
With training, changing jobs and planning a wedding, I haven't had much time for myself to do things I love. I know that saying goes "if you truly love something, you'll make time" but I literally do not have anymore time I can spare at the moment. Work is busy, I'm out most nights at the gym or with my pals, and weekends are spent running, doing housework an catching up on sleep. September will be about getting to grips with my nutrition course and doing some serious blog TLC.

Get my Autumn wardrobe sorted
I have more items in my ASOS Save for Later list than I care to mention (I'm sorry, it's an addiction). September equals pretty-much-the-end-of-the-year in my book and I've already been rocking one of my winter coats and we're only 3 days into September. To kick off the autumn/winter wardrobe, I've got my eye on some Russell and Bromley boots which may well be making an appearance on this blog very soon. They're just so damn beautiful.

What are your goals for September? What's on your Autumn wardrobe wishlist?

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