Sunday, 23 August 2015

Running Essentials 101 #1

I ran 10 miles this morning. This actually took me a little a-back as, as much as I've been training recently, I haven't done that much running and had a shocker of an 8-miler last weekend which put me off completely, making me feel like my running mojo was well and truly gone.

Somehow, this morning my running seemed back on track, which was a great feeling to have, especially with only three weeks left until the Great North Run (bring it on). 

It was pretty warm along the coast this morning and it got me to thinking about how running in the heat can be a little bit grim. Yes, the sun is amazing to run in, and I much prefer this to hoicking on my trainers in the cold of winter. However, there are some not so lush things that happen during a run in the sun; red moon face, can't get cool for HOURS afterwards and the grim reality of chafing. Yes, chafing.

For some reason, I seriously only ever thought men got nipple chafing from any kind of exercise (I have been living under a rock apparently), but over the past couple of years, I've actually been experiencing this at the top of my thighs without knowing? Massively GRIM and I am well aware this is TMI, but bear with me.

Weirdly, I just thought I was getting sunburn in an odd place as I'm prone to getting a bit lobster even with sun protection and have only ever had this skin irritation when running in shorts in the summer. However, it wasn't until recently that I realised this must be the c word (shudder).

As much as it is totally grim  (how many times do I want to say grim?) and a bit embarrassing, I've been looking into a few products which can help beat that chafing feeling, wherever you may be experiencing it. Step right up and take note in #1 of Running Essentials 101.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015


What a couple of months. So much has happened and there's been a lot of change over a short period of time (that does crazy things to your head!)

Here’s a little look into life lately.

1. Moving on, m-moving on.
I have a new job! After three brilliant years in my previous job, I’ve flown the nest to another super creative communications agency in the Toon. Such an exciting move for me professionally, and it’s great to be spreading my wings. My lovely pals from DC gave me an ace send off - they were obviously sick of my healthy eating chat. 

2. #thislasscan
The running bug has well and truly bitten me again, and thank the Lord as it's just in time for the Great North Run. You may remember last year, my GNR was a bit of a disaster. Actually a massive disaster. But this year will be better as I won't have been poisoned.... I've also been nailing the heavy weights in the gym which I'm super chuffed about, long may it continue. #girlgainz 'n all that!

3. Supercharged coffee
My gym, The Fitness Rooms, opened their food and drink station FUEL@TheFitnessRooms a few months ago, but it's recently been taken over and they've seriously upped their game with a great selection of drinks and protein treats to fuel a good workout. I've been a little bit obsessed with the iced vanilla protein lattes using my favourite supplements brand, the brilliant Genetic Supplements (more on them to come soon). Next on my list to try at FUEL? Their bulletproof coffee.

4. Getting tidy
This book's being doing the rounds on the socials recently and for good reason. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo looks a decluttering for good with her KonMari technique. Hoping by the time I've finished it, I'll finally get round to sorting the bulk of my belongings that I left at my parents' house when I moved out three years ago (sorry Mum).

5. One year to go
As if it's now less than a year until we get hitched. Save the Dates are being printed as I speak - can't wait to get those bad lads out the door. Joe and I are having the best time planning (thanks Pinterest) and can't wait to share some snippets of the exciting things we have planned for our big day. Next thing on our list is to get our honeymoon booked up. Did someone say Bali?

Stay tuned for some proper blog posts - some exciting stuff coming up. Watch this space!

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