Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bicycle Ride

Since getting my very own shiny, retro-style bicycle recently, I have gone cycling mad. Having recently moved into a flat with J, who's a very keen cyclist, I've been cycling round the pretty little streets of Tynemouth and bringing back treasures from Tynemouth Market (still haven't got my basket yet, this needs to be sorted!)

So, when I heard about Urban Outfitters' new collection of bikes, I was instantly interested.

Urban Outfitters Europe have teamed up with Create, creating a collection of 14 fixie bikes in 7 colourways, all of which are designed to be unisex.

Personally, I think delving into the bicycle market is a smart move for UO, and I'd definitely consider one of these fixies when I'm in the market for a road bike.

The bikes are available in 2 frame sizes [54cm and 59cm] are available exclusively online at Urban Outfitters. 

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