Friday, 30 July 2010

Back to reality

So, i've had the most amazing 3 weeks at home, but they have gone far too quickly and now I'm back down to London on Sunday night to start my internship properly at ELLE.

Graduation was fantastic and Sally and Gareth's wedding was unbelievable! Had the most amazing day and now they're off on honeymoon and then moving down to Oxfordshire when they come back - going to visit their house in about 10 days.

Joe's gone back to work now and not back until the 19th and then....we're off to V FESTIVAL!! So very very excited, it will be absolutely amazing. Get to spend some proper time with my amazing boyfriend and see some brilliant bands. We're then hopefully off to Brighton for Bank Hol weekend which i'm really excited for.

Have some exciting work in the pipeline but not sure what's happening with it yet so can't say anything for now, but I will say it will make me extremely happy :)

Monday, 19 July 2010


So the past few weeks have been SUPER busy. And this week there is no let up either.

I'm graduating tomorrow, in London for the day on Wednesday and then it's my big sister's wedding on Sunday, which i am obviously RIDICULOUSLY excited about.

Really nervous about's going to be so weird not going to university anymore, and even though I've had the best 3 years there, it's going to be very strange not going back in September but instead working! 

Going for a meal at Cafe 21 tomorrow night for the 'graduation meal' which I can't wait for as have been dying to go there for ages! 

On Wednesday, I've got my Graduate Fashion Week mentor day, so swotting up on all the mentors today and how I can get some good advice out of them.

Thursday, me and Joe are having a well overdue day together in Bamburgh, as then the whole weekend will literally be taken over by the wedding.

My big bro and sister in law are coming across from Moscow on Wednesday and I can't wait to see them, so much has happened this year and haven't seen them since Dad's 60th in February.

I will get back to some PROPER updates soon (i.e. inspiration posts and actual work i've been doing!)

Ah, and also....I have a LUSH new MacBook Pro and Adobe CS5!! So excited about getting to grips with it and finally getting round to learning Illustrator.

Will post graduation photos this week!

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