Friday, 23 April 2010


So, I came back from London on Wednesday night after a couple of days on interviews, meetings and waiting for my book for my final major project, BACKSTAGE, to be bound.

Wyvern Bindery were amazing, so helpful and I actually cried when I picked up my books - they are so beautiful and the binders did such an AMAZING job, really cannot say how pleased I am with them.

Also, I went to th Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A. Some beautiful dresses and handbags (particularly liked the Hermes Kelly bag, beautifully worn). My only quip is that I wish the exhibition had been slightly bigger! Think the garments could have been presented better as well. And it was HEAVING. had to fight my way through the masses to see the bridal garments!

Anyway, so here are a few preliminary photos of the debossing plates and the final book. Going into the studio on Monday to take some proper photos of it for my promotion work and also I'm doing a mini film of me flicking through the pages of the book.



Sunday, 18 April 2010

London Calling

So chaps, I'm off to London for a couple of days tomorrow morning (hoping to GOD my train isn't completely rammed because of UK airspace still being closed).

Going straight from King's Cross to Wyvern Bindery (taking my FMP to be bound, I'm so nervous, 2 years of hard work, photography, ridiculous graft, rest on this 1 thing!)

Tuesday, I'm off for a special meeting somewhere, which I am very excited about so heading to get some beautiful new lace-up booties (these, from Office) for said meeting.

Getting the train back late on Wednesday afternoon, so I'll be visiting the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A on Weds morning and not sure what else....but am going to try and take as many photos as possible!

Suggestions for any other exciting exhibitions?

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Been mega busy the past few days, so haven't had time to update properly!

Been working on my portfolio mostly this week and buying magazines for inspiration.

I got the new Vogue (UK edition) today. First time I've bought it in a long time...a few months ago, it was really lacking a certain something and whenever I got it, I found myself flicking through it once and not picking it up for weeks afterwards.

But I have to say, the photoshoots in the new issue are fantastic. The Dorothea/Lucinda Chambers/Paolo Roversi shoot is just inspired and so ethereal, almost stark (in a good way) and so fantastically executed.

I've seen quite alot of bad comments about this shoot, but each to their own.

This week I've mostly been:

1. Reading ELLE/Vogue/Another magazin
2. Listening to new MGMT stuff and The XX
3. Working on my portfolio (sigh)
4. Making my wishlist of clothes for student loan day
5. Planning what to take to London next week!

Reall excited to go to London. Haven't been since February when I was working at fashion week, and craving a walk up Portobello Road! Definately going to see the Grace Kelly exhition at the V&A, it looks far too beautiful to miss.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

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So today, I was going to work on sketchbook things....but I became distratced easily! Working on laying out some old work seemed far more appealing!

Part of my portfolio a magazine concept I created last semester called THORN magazine, based around the best of British fashion, arts, lifestyle etc....quitessentially British with a twist.

In October last year, I worked with a great model called Zoe Smith on a shoot called The New Uniform, based on the gingham micro trend for S/S10....Chris Kane, Jonathan Saunders for Pollini, Paul Smith all used the print, especially CK who used gingham in such a sickly sweet way in chiffon, absolutely brilliant and looked fantastic at the show!

I'm re-doing all the layout of the magazine as when I look back at it, it really was a bit naff!

So here's the original layout of the first spread of the photoshoot:

And then here's the new spreads I'm working on....making the layout alot cleaner.

Opionions? Advice? Help a fashion student out!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Had a MAD few days! Been getting my BACKSTAGE book printed which is my final major project for my degree....and it has been a HEADACHE. Taking it to be bound at Wyvern Bindery in just over a week so wanted to make sure everything was perfect! It's looking really good, I'm so so pleased with it! Cannot wait to see it bound now though...not long to go. Also, I had my business cards and promotional postcards for my work printed - all the images on the back are photographs from my book, they look fab.

So today, I've been back to the printers AGAIN to get a couple of bits done but now all of the book is printed, I'm busy sending off artwork for the embossing plates for the front of my book and updating all my sketchbooks (I have a SERIOUS amount to do in these!) and working on my website AND my portfolio. It never ends!

Any good exhibitions happening in London at the minute? Let me know as I'll be down 19th-21st April!

Alice xx

Monday, 5 April 2010

Marc's Models

I know this was made some time ago, but I absolutely love it.

I love the energy of Hannah Holman, she's such a cutie -  always so enthusiastic at castings, even though she looked knackered last time I saw her.

I think a lot of models get bad press - moody, demanding, show up late for shows. But we have to remember the majority of the best models at the moment are only 19/20/21 and no one understands how HARD they work: i didn't until I started working on castings and the amount they have to do in an average day in fashion week is incredible. They are my absolute superheroes!


Saturday, 3 April 2010


Slightly obsessed with the new covers of Self Service, which I saw on Bryanboy's blog

Malgosia and Carmen Kass look stunning! Going to try and order it from at some point today.

On today's to do list are:

1. Cutting down all m gatefold pages for my book! Need to chop off 5mm from the inside edge and it's taken bloody ages.
2. Doing a promotional booklet for Graduate Fashion Week
3. Lots of sketchbook bit and bobs!

Can't believe it's only FIVE week until I finish uni forever and I still have SO much to do!

Wish me luck.

Alice x
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