Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Got my first prints back for BACKSTAGE today. Had made an error on a couple of them though and THEN some got wet in the torrential rain :( NOT HAPPY! So back to the printers I go tomorrow. Of to deliver all my book tomorrow and specify paper types etc. It's getting exciting now! Looking forward to seeing everything come together at last and actually be the final product.

Not having a great day all in all so not alot to say. Joe is off back to work tomorrow so he's not here for Easter which is rubbish.

Will upload some photos of the prints later!

Alice x

Monday, 29 March 2010


Have had lots of help today from Andrew Kendall who has helped my with some DNS coding and things for my website - have a look at his website www.andrewkendall.com. He's a fantastic photographer! Also, check out his girlfriend Kris' website www.krisatomic.com which I have been following for YEARS - such a talented illustrator and photographer.

Now back to the grind - sorting out all my paper types for printing my book this week. SCARY.

Alice x


Well the past few months have been HECTIC and still are!

Completing my final major project for Uni at the minute and gearing up for job interviews, Graduate Fashion Week and a well deserved few weeks off when I finish uni completely in July.

Working on my website at the minute which will hopefully be up and running very very soon once I have managed to upload all my work etc etc.

Off for a job interview at ELLE next month (VERY EXCITED!) so fingers crossed something comes of it.

Will updating alot more regularly from now on a have lots to tell!
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